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Ms. Aurora seems to really enjoy being out on the mats!
Please help us wish this cool 1st Dan Black Belt a very happy 16th birthday, Mr. Cole Branyan!  Hope you enjoy your day Mr. Cole.
We started our second day at about 6:30AM on this wonderful Saturday Morning! Let the big day of leadership weekend commence!!
This is Leo! Leo is one of our dojo dogs and he’s got quite the fighting spirit which is why he fits in so well! Feel free to give him a head scratch if you ever see him in the academy 😁. He loves Martial Artists.
Please wish a very happy birthday to one of our super cool 1st Dan Black belts, Mr. Reed Hall!!! We hope you’re enjoying celebrating!!
Tonight Elite class was the TERSAK class. All 3 Tersak instructors team up to teach our most intense martial arts class and there’s nothing better. If you can take elite class and you don’t, you’re missing out on some high level training that could take you to the next level! Requirements for attendance are:>Be 12+ years old>Be a deputy green or higher>Be ready to fail and learn repeatedly>Have a positive attitude>Be ready to get hit harder than normal>Have a true black belt mentality>Be ready to work hard no matter what>Have fun
A very special happy birthday to one of our newest Black/White belts Mr. Corbin Plunk!  He’s so new we don’t even have a picture of him in his new uniform yet. Enjoy celebrating and welcome to teen and Elite class!!
Your strength is not measured by how powerful you are. Your strength is measured by your grit. Do you stub your toe and call it quits, or do you break your foot and think about how it’s a new obstacle to overcome? Annie broke her foot Monday, came to class on crutches every day since then and hasn’t missed a beat. #strong #strongwomen
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