Jedi... Martial Arts training for the community is today:2:00 Tigers (4-7 year olds)5:30 Beginners (8+)6:30 Intermediate/Advanced Class
Tune in at noon today for Master Tersak’s Huddle Discussion on Healthy Lifestyle Week 2!Then tune in at 5:00 for a quick 15 minute workout with the Tersaks to end the week out (both Zoom and FB).
How is your home training going? Noah’s is pretty intense if I do say so myself.
Happy birthday to one of our super black belt students that recently returned to our Academy to continue training, Mr. Wesley Gerlach.  Hope you have a great day sir!
Please help us wish this outgoing Black Belt a very happy birthday!  Enjoy celebrating Mr. Jack Burnette!
For our highest ranking black belts, we are still having a masters training class. But we shall keep to our own areas 😂 stay active and safe at hone everyone and we will see you all online tomorrow!
We will be live on Facebook, instagram, and YouTube for classes today. 2:00 for tigers, 5:30 for juniors, and 6:30 for BBC. 30 minutes for each class - update: we need 1K YouTube subscribers to broadcast live so it will be uploaded later.
Today was just so amazing outside, we couldn’t help but take our class down by the pond. Stay healthy and active during our time out! Don’t forget about all the virtual training opportunities we’ll be having during this time!!
Ms. Reagan decided to work solo with Mr. Noah and Ms. Zoey today for dragon class. A great way for our youngest students to develop their motor skills and great practice for our junior belts with their patience while working with younger students. Mr. Noah will make a great instructor one day!
Help us wish one of our newest, awesome Black Belts a very happy birthday, Mr. Aiden McCabe!  We hope your day is special!!!
35 person junior belt class! HUMP DAYYYYY!
How do you get ready for work?
The intensity and focus you have while training directly effects how much you are able to improve. This is true no matter what you are training.
Nature makes you feel a unique way when you watch it from within. Humans thrive off the nutrients nature gives to us just by existing in it and it effects us much more than we think, until we feel it. It’s like someone who gets used to not drinking enough water and functions daily like that finally starts hydrating properly didn’t realize they weren’t functioning at full capacity. Many of us don’t realize how energized and content we are able to feel naturally until we spend some time outside. At some point this week, I challenge you to find a quiet area outside (preferably a park or somewhere away from noisy roads and other things around you) and reflect for 15-30 minutes on how you are feeling. No phone screens aloud. Breathing fresh air, getting vitamins from the sun light, and allowing your body to be in a natural environment is powerful.
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